Towards Energy Solutions One Step At A Time

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Create electricity, just by walking to class, to the nearby shopping mall, to that famous tourist spot or to the sea-face. It really is true. In truth, this is the claim being raised by Laurence Kemball Cook and his team from London, United Kingdom. They’ve come up with a brand new clean and renewable technology solution called as Pavegen, which can harness power from your footsteps.
Basically, Pavegen uses the kinetic energy generated from your footsteps and converts them into power and electricity which can be used to run power sockets for charging devices, lighting or learning displays for educational purposes. Currently, Pavegen is being implemented at schools in UK and US because of the educational value this project imparts to students who understand and realize the importance of renewable sources of energy and keeping our environment clean and green. This project has previously been successfully implemented at the London Olympics 2012 and major tourist destinations as well.
Check out the website of Pavegen and learn about their project in detail.
The crux of this project and technology lies in the implementation of Pavegen in countries such as India. Imagine, if we could install Pavegen at some of our busiest railway stations, shopping malls, major tourist attractions and public places, the amount of energy and power generation could be enormous, enough to run the lighting of the landmark where Pavegen is installed. This could be a significant ‘step‘ towards minimizing our over dependence on fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy.
If only our country could leave behind all the corruption, decadence of society and moral values, power struggles and egocentricity, and focus on shaping a bright future by investing in such programs. No longer should technologies like these remain a dream for the citizens of our country. As a developing nation, it is imperative that the Government accords highest priority to such initiatives in the clean tech sector. The time to wake up and start doing something has arrived.
What is the likelihood of such initiatives starting in India? Can India embrace clean technology in the near future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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A Typical Pavegen tile

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22 thoughts on “Towards Energy Solutions One Step At A Time

  1. Whenever any movement takes place, kinetic energy is generated. This energy has been harnessed in many forms to convert energy into usable forms. This concept is new. Your posts are really enlightening!

  2. Glad you liked it. Quite true, the burden lies with the government as well as the citizens of this country. It is an equal responsibility to be borne by all.
    Thanks for sharing your insight. Do keep visiting 🙂

  3. Yes, Meenakshi, you've got that right. Kinetic energy obtained from any source can be put to good use. Glad you liked it.
    Thanks for sharing the perspective and for your feedback. Do keep visiting 🙂

  4. pavegan…WOW, sounds amazing and I am sending your post to my 8-yr old who is currently learning about forces, kinetic energy being one of them.
    Talking about India embracing foreign technologies well I don;t have much hopes about us being quick at it….but what I can tell you is that India being still a developing nation consumes far less energy than these other 'developed' ones. Come to HK, we are in the peak of winter and the aircons are still at full blast in shopping malls, buses, cabs with everyone being cozy in their woolens and jackets even indoors! I have seen the world's longest and the shortest escalators out here which run even at odd hours when there is no human traffic. Everything is disposable in this country from gloves to refrigerators so can you imagine the strain on our natural resources?

  5. Welcome to my blog Mehroo 🙂
    I am very happy to hear that you are teaching your child about kinetic energy using this post. 🙂
    Yes, only time can tell when technology like these would land up in India. However, I think you've made a very valid and crucial point. The power consumption in developed countries is way too high. Initiatives such as these are not only beneficial for countries which are grappling with no power but also for countries where power usage has been abused to quite an extent.
    Thanks for sharing the wonderful insight Mehroo.
    Do keep visiting again 🙂

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