The 10 Commandments(Modern Testament)

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It was on Mount Sinai, that Moses received the sacred Ten Commandments, which acted as a road map for all mankind. I guess its time we(or lets say I) changed and modified these commandments a bit. Well heres a version which i think should apply to most of us. This is the best flowchart of methods of staying happy in our lives, which not even the best of computer programmers could have come up with.
1) Thou shalt not expect anything from anyone
    This has got to be the singularly most important commandment of all. I have already spoken in length about     this in my previous post. Don’t expect and remain happy always.
2) Thou shalt not back off from thy commitments
    A commitment could be for anything; a meeting, an appointment, a goal, a target, a promise to a loved one. Just imagine a person who gave a promise and didn’t fulfill it, would you believe the person next time. Well , the answer is usually no. This is especially true in cases where you are forging a new relationship. If you don’t want to lose face in front your close ones, don’t back off. Always stand by your word and you shall command respect from people automatically.
3) Thou shalt always respect the women in our lives
    In one’s life, a person encounters many females in a variety of roles. They could be in the form of a mother, sister, friend, wife or as a daughter. Whatever form, whatever role, there should always be some form of respect and humility for this gender in one’s heart. They are the ones who shape our lives and make them more colorful. They are the ones who complete us in some way or the other.
4) Thou shalt enjoy the small things in life
  We usually tend to forget that it is the smaller achievements we accomplish everyday that keeps us motivated, rather than any monetary benefits. It could be anything like learning how to tie your shoelace finally. Its a small thing but enjoying & celebrating that moment is all that this life is about. So next time, when u achieve success, make it a point to celebrate it any manner you like. This not only applies for your successes but for your family, friends etc. as well.
5) Thou shalt always keep anger at bay
    Oh well, saying this in one thing but practicing it is another. I have seen many examples of people staying unhappy because of their anger. Well we might get all the degrees possible, but very few manage to get The Anger Management degree. For anyone who wishes to stay happy, anger is the first thing you should control. Once anger sets in, rational thought takes a backseat and we dont want any bad feelings or broken relations left in the aftermath.
6) Thou shalt not complain
    Ok i agree there are some times when you just have to complain but that doesnt mean it becomes a regular affair. Always keep an open mind regarding the world and try to complain less. In this manner you would see that there is a PURPOSE behind everything.
7) Friends are the best bonds in Chemistry, Biology and Life
    All of us have friends with whom we can share just about anything. There are friends whom we can abuse and fight with the most, but yet they are closest to the heart. These friends add fun and spice to an otherwise mundane life of ours, so keep your friends close to you for a life enjoyably spent.
8) Thou shalt cherish thy heart’s yearnings
    Do what your heart wants, what your innermost desires are. Do them before they turn into a burden and a source of sadness for you. Life is quite(actually too) short, so its better to finish off what we like to do, rather than spend our lives trying to do what we dont like. One life, live it, love it.
9) Thou shalt never forget How to smile.
    Smile- the most inexpensive medicine for healthy living, the best method of attaining peace between conflicting minds, souls and thoughts. Well the list of uses and advantages of a Smile is endless. All it takes is just showing your teeth. So start today itself.
Well here we come to the last commandment…….
10) Thou shalt promise to abide by the above mentioned commandments :):):)

9 thoughts on “The 10 Commandments(Modern Testament)

  1. Commandment 3 says – "Thou shalt always respect the women in our lives" What bout those who aren't in our lives – the other girls in college, neighbours etc. It should be more like – Thou shalt always respect the women.

    I liked this post… points are valid but difficult to practice. Good! keep it up and as I said in my latest blog – "Don't do it if you can't keep it up."

  2. @ Deepanshu…..valid point…but dude…realize that once u come in contact with these girls…they invariably become a part of your life…isn't it?
    Ok so we dont do what we can't keep up….but brother these are the commandments which were and are supposed to be followed by one & all… if u want to remain happy in ur life and if u want people to see you as righteous, its better that u follow it….Then as Prof RajKumar said,"There won't be any difference between us & the dogs."….Think about it…..Thanks for ur feedback, keep returning 🙂

  3. So, you mean we should respect only the women who are one way or the another part of our life. We shouldn't respect a women who is stranger to us as she is not a part of our life. Now, don't argue on this point. You also know we should respect all women whether they are or aren't part of our life.

    I said these points are difficult to practice but i never said that we should not follow these.

    Again, "Don't do it if you can't keep it up." You also got this wrong. I said "Good keep it up." before that. This was for ur post and what i meant was if we can't maintain or do better, what we have done till now, then we shouldn't do it.

    Hope, I have made my point clear.

  4. @deepanshu…it seems u have completely missed the point here…dude for a person to become a part of ur life, does it mean that they should share some relation with us..every other person u see, talk to or meet up with invariably becomes a part of our lives….so the same applies to a stranger girl also…..
    And why are we talking of strangers dude….first practise this thing @ home then look at strangers, there are many ppl out there who don't(not pointing to u :D)….hope i have knocked some sense into brother….:D

  5. Thanks and welcome to my blog Trisha 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Well, changes are always harder to bring in one's life but eventually they're for the better. 🙂
    So, which of the commandments did you feel connected with most Trisha?

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