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Learning How To Live

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So sang the band, Audioslave, in their song of the same name. I was listening to some of their songs after quite some time now. However, my mind had drifted off to somewhere else. It reminded me of an angel, working on God’s train, who’s very close to our hearts. You don’t need to look […]

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Girl, u’ll be a woman soon…

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‘Behind every successful man, there is a woman.’ That’s what my friend, Rahul, had to say while we were eating our breakfast today. We had suffered a setback the previous night, and both of us were ruing the missed opportunity. Yesterday we understood the meaning of the very words he had said while eating, atleast […]

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Is male cell = obsolete?

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Britain’s Prof Karim Nayernia has claimed that he has created human sperm in his stem-cell lab. The devastating announcement was predictably greeted with shock and awe. Whether you are male, female, both or neither;);), you are sure to have mixed feelings about this development. I mean, how can you take men out of the reproduction […]

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A new beginning

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Ahh here I begin on this quest of putting my thoughts into a blog. This reminds me of the pensieve which Albus dumbledore used to store his thoughts & memories in the bestselling Harry Potter series. Its funny how many thoughts the human mind can handle at a single time. So many ideas, thoughts, feelings. […]