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Dion Boucicault once said that, “Men talk of killing time while time quietly kills them.” [Tweet this Thought]. He did have a point when he said this but more than that he had enormous amount of foresight. Why do I say foresight, you may ask? That’s simply because this single quote/thought holds true regardless of […]

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Showed Me How To Live

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Before and after Shaving Morning after Christmas Eve She was sitting at the coffee shop, waiting for him to turn up. He was late, as usual and this wasn’t the first time either, she was accustomed to this annoying behavior of his. She was just about to get up when she heard the loud noise […]

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In Praise Of A Girl: Aicha

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Here’s a beautiful song, Aicha, originally sung by Khaled in 1996 but which was later sung in 2003 by the Danish Band, Outlandish. This song has been sung in praise of a girl named Aicha. In the current scenario and instances of rapes occurring in India at this moment, this song goes out as a tribute […]