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Vivian Leigh once said that, “Life is too short to work so hard.”   [Tweet This Thought]. In keeping with these periods of time available to us in short supply, I present to you something short to inspire you, 50 words to be precise. Six years. Finally, Zack’s startup was showing some promise. Zack was […]

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Dion Boucicault once said that, “Men talk of killing time while time quietly kills them.” [Tweet this Thought]. He did have a point when he said this but more than that he had enormous amount of foresight. Why do I say foresight, you may ask? That’s simply because this single quote/thought holds true regardless of […]

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Warning-A ‘RIP’ping Tale Of Corruption & Conspiracy In India

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Benjamin Franklin once said, “Rebellion against Tyrants is obedience to God.” Profound words and history is witness to this fact. Whenever the levels of injustice, conspiracy, scams, fear and anger have gone up in a country and its citizens, it has always lead to uprisings and rebellions among the daring few. Sometimes, the very protectors of […]

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R’Ohm’eo and ‘Joule’iet | The ‘Physic’al Love Story – My Entry To The Get Published Contest

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The Idea The story of R’Ohm’eo and ‘Joule’iet revolves around two characters. Om Singh is a Mechanical Engineer from Delhi College of Engineering and works at ABB in Vadodara while Juilee Joshi is a Commerce Graduate from MS University at Vadodara and is working in a private firm in the same city. Omhas been a […]