5 ways in which denim makes you look cool

This is the first look denim for portfolio shoot by professional photographer

Pondering on the subject of denim jeans and politics, Giorgio Armani had this to say,

Jeans represent democracy in fashion.

Indeed, there couldn’t have been a more appropriate statement to make about denims. Denim jeans is one clothing which has survived the tides of time, fads, generations and genres. Each one of us swears by their favorite pair of jeans. Ask any celebrity for their absolutely essential list of clothes in their wardrobes and pronto comes the reply – denim jeans. Most of all, this piece of garment has been instrumental in shaping our minds, ideas and thoughts. Probably, no other garment has impacted people across nationalities, gender and time. Apart from the formal attire of shirts and trousers, jeans are the go-to option for any casual purposes, occasions and places.

Our jeans have managed to make us look cool across the years. Therefore, we’re going to see in this post how denims have managed to do that. So let’s dive into the 5 ways.


Pair it up with a nice jacket


Jackets go really well with almost all types of jeans. Try mixing up the color combinations. Since denims are so universal in nature, any color of jacket looks good on a pair of jeans.


Pair it up with a party shirt


Shirts also go really well with jeans. It seems like they might replace the formal trousers someday. 🙂


Pair up your T shirt with a denim shirt


This is a really cool combination. Since, it adds layers to your clothing, you can easily change your look within seconds. Denim shirts have been a hit with people from both the genders.


Pair it up with your Tee


Probably, nothing can get more casual than this. Put on your favorite tee and jeans and just step out of the house. Denims have become the quintessential definition of casual dressing for all.


A Denim jacket/blazer


Denim jackets almost always give a cool and sporty look to a person. One can never go wrong with this option. If you can lay your hands on a denim blazer, that’s the icing on the cake. Go a step further and pair up your denim jacket/blazer with your jeans. You’ll be astonished at the increase in your cool quotient.

So, what do you think about these looks? Did they also make you look cool? What other pairings do you have in mind?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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