Top 5 cool things seen at Lakme Fashion Week 2016

“To ugly ducklings everywhere, don’t worry about those fluffy morons; they’ll never get to be swans”
Zoe Marriot penned this idea in her book ‘The Swan Kingdom‘. At the Lakme Fashion Week 2016, this thought and 5 top cool things were to be seen. Let me get to the cool part in a bit.
Fashion has always been about thinking out of the box. Taking bold steps into the unknown, not sure of what would become the next fashion trend or fad. The current installment of Lakme Fashion Week 2016 was also a step and a glimpse in that direction. The entire theme was ‘fashion meets technology‘ and there was plenty of technology to be seen during the week. Innovative stage props, live digital coverage of the event, selfies galore and loads of social media engagement. The celebrities, designers, models, brands and the consumers, all of them took to the digital platform in a big way to express their views and thoughts.
So, as i was saying, let’s now see what the 5 cool things were at the Lakme Fashion Week 2016

The Celebrities

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The Celebrities, the showstoppers
image – Vogue India
Almost a mandate and a norm since ages, celebrities stepped into the spotlight and walked the ramp for their favorite designers. It was magical watching them strut the best outfits of the designers and become the showstoppers for the event. All of our favorite stars, right there in front of our eyes, enjoying themselves on the ramp.
Although difficult to become a superstar overnight, you can still become your own everyday star. Check this out to see how technology can help you do just that.

Being Bold

bold, fashion, lakme fashion week 2016, models, designers, photographers, colors, elements of nature
Bold themes, outfits and colors
Bold themes and bold fashion emerged in the Lakme Fashion Week 2016. Designers as well as bloggers and fashion enthusiasts came up with the most innovative and courageous themes and outfits as well.
Why should you get left out in this? Here’s a way you can go bold as well.


Sunny Leone, Helen, Bharti Singh, Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi, Suman Sharma, AJIO.com, lakme fashion week 2016, models, fashion, designers, photographers
Doubt is out AJIO Show and flashmob
Lakme Fashion Week 2016 was also about bold activism.
The unique flashmob set the tone for the AJIO #DoubtIsOut show the next day. AJIO.com is the new online fashion gateway under the flagship of Reliance. AJIO focused its attention on doubt is out and brought many leading ladies and other celebrities on to the ramp for a unique fashion experience.
The themes included, gender no bar, career no bar, size no bar, age no bar and choice no bar.
Flaunting well known people like Sunny Leone, Helen, Bharti Singh, MIG Fighter Jet flyer Suman Sharma and the transgender activist Lakshmi Narayan Tripathi, AJIO stirred quite some publicity and awareness.

Masterclass With Renzo Rosso

renzo rosso, sabyasachi mukherjee, diesel, fashion, lakme fashion week 2016, models, fashion, designers, photographers
Master session with Renzo Rosso, in conversation with Sabyasachi Mukherjee
For anyone remotely associated with fashion and garments, Renzo Rosso rings a bell and warrants immediate attention. Renzo Rosso is the President of OTB group and owner of the renowned Diesel brand. He was in India to take part in the Lakme Fashion Week, in conversation with Sabyasachi Mukherjee. A billionaire and known as the ‘Jeans Genius’ across the industry, Renzo’s story is something of an inspiration for all of us out there.
If you missed out on the talk during the fashion week, I covered it all in my previous post here.

The Colors

Alesia Raut, colors, red, blue, green, yellow, lakme fashion week 2016, models
Colors at Lakme Fashion Week 2016
Yes, fashion is almost nothing without all the colors. The overall theme was of fashion meets technology, however, the theme for the designers was of ‘the elements of nature’. As a result, it was a colorful visual delight for the viewers.
Did you find more cool stuff during the Lakme Fashion Week 2016? Share it with everyone and comment in the space below. Speak out your thoughts, feedback and ideas.

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