7 things Chef Vikas Khanna did at the QuakerBowl

Chef Vikas Khanna
balanced diet of food
The right balance of food
“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf was absolutely right when she spoke about dining, eating and life. Food is important and vital in our daily routines. Period. Food was the main agenda for Chef Vikas Khanna at the QuakerBowl. He did 7 things at the QuakerBowl but we’ll come to that in a while.
With the advent of lifestyle related diseases across the cities, more and more people are turning towards healthier food options.
healthy and junk food concept - woman with fruits rejecting hamburger and cake
Say yes to the right food

With this very insight in mind, the QuakerBowl was organized at the JW Marriott Juhu on April 10, 2016.

Quaker bowl, pepsico
QuakerBowl experience in association with Pepsico
There couldn’t have been a better host than Chef Vikas Khanna, official brand ambassador for Pepsico. The minute he comes up on stage and starts speaking, you get to realize what an incredibly warm, sweet and humble human being he is. Flashing his most charming smile, Chef Vikas enthralls and captivates the audience, even though it is a Sunday morning.
Let’s have a look at the 7 things which Chef Vikas Khanna did at the QuakerBowl.

1. Spoke about nutrition

India is a land of varied cultures. Naturally, each region has its own diverse food habits and cuisines as well. However, with a growing youth population and quick adoption of the Western culture is leading to unhealthy food habits, diets and lifestyles.
According to a news article report in the Hindu, more than half of the women in India are anemic. India is on track to achieve only 2 of the 8 global targets on nutrition. However, it has significantly improved its nutrition performance in the past 10 years.

2. Personal Anecdotes

Chef Vikas shared with all the bloggers the funnier nuances and anecdotes from his career as well as well as his early years.

3. Chef and Quizmaster

Chef Vikas revealed his skills of conducting a quiz and testing our knowledge about the food we eat but more importantly about the diverse and rich landscape which India is.
I was at the receiving end of a lot of new information and knowledge.
I learned that:
Pampore valley in Jammu and Kashmir produces the world’s finest and best saffron.
Lettuce actually belongs to the Sunflower family.
Pears, cherries, almonds and others belong to the Rose family

4. Being sweet

As I have mentioned before, Chef Vikas is a truly humble person. Always ready to pose for clicks and being candid in front of the camera.
vikas khanna, pepsico, bloggers
Vikas Khanna with the bloggers

 5.  Fun Time

Chef Vikas didn’t lose out on an opportunity to mingle with the bloggers, goof around with them and share selfies. It felt like meeting a good friend after a long time.

6. Cook

Well, it would have been a delight to watch him cook but he didn’t. So, he did the next best thing. He made all the bloggers become Chefs for 10 minutes. All the bloggers were divided into groups and given ingredients. Then, it was time to come up with a recipe on the spot.
It was mayhem. It was chaos. It was messy. More importantly, it was fun.
quaker oats, blogger, pepsico
Our group of bloggers with the our dish

7. Hampers

Chef Vikas doled out huge hampers of Quaker oats during the meet. Not only that, each of the bloggers received Quaker goodies and a Quaker oats recipe book.
So, that’s giving the ingredients and also showing you how to make it. A simple reminder to adopt a healthy lifestyle. I couldn’t agree to it more.
quaker oats, gift
Quaker oats gift hamper

Thanks to +QuakerIndia and #QuakerBowl for the lovely experience and meeting with Chef Vikas Khanna


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