4 elements that rocked during the Lakme Fashion Week 2016

red, fire, flame, red, elements of nature, lakme fashion week, mumbai, india, fashion, designers, photographers, models
lakme fashion week, 2016, mumbai, india, designers, models, fashion, photographers, diesel jeans, renzo rosso, sabyasachi, rohit bal
“Move swift as the wind and closely formed as the wood. Attack like the fire and be still like the mountains.”
That’s Sun Tzu speaking about the elements of the world and the Art of War. What does this have to do with the Lakme Fashion Week and what are those 4 elements which rocked the event? We’ll get back to answering those questions in a bit.
Our world is complex. Not just our planet earth or even our Milky Way, but the entire black expanse of space which we call The Universe. There’s a lot of activity going on there. Understanding such a complex thing such as the Universe can be quite cumbersome. So, some of our scholars tried to simplify things a bit. They decided to use simple and easily available substances to explain the world in which we live in. This is where the Scientific elements theory comes into the picture.
In this theory, the scholars used earth, water, air and fire to explain our world. This is where we step back to our place in the Lakme Fashion Week.
The theme for Lakme Fashion Week was fashion meets technology. However, the overall theme was using the four elements all around us. The designers stood up to the task of portraying the four elements in their designs.
Let’s have a look at all the four elements in action, one-by-one, and understand what they stand for.


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The element Earth is generally represented by the color green. It symbolizes our planet Earth and represents nourishment, stability and security. The models walked away in the most soothing green colors creating an aura of calm in the room.
Although, most of us don’t really get these characteristics in real life but there’s hope. Check this out, which actually gives stability and security, time after time.


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We all know how important water is for our survival. Water signifies wealth, abundance and purification. It symbolizes all the water bodies on our planet. A majority chunk of our planet is covered with water, even the human body is comprised of water majorly.
Water has been portrayed with the color blue during the Lakme Fashion Week 2016.
We might already be rich or on the way to reach that position but you cannot go wrong by adding this to your personal wealth and abundance.


yellow, wind, elements of nature, yellow, lakme fashion week, fashion, designers, india, mumbai, models, photographers, best

Imagine pinching your nose closed and staying like that for 1 minute. Quite an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling, right? That’s how important is air for us. It’ vital for our survival. Period.
Air/Wind has been denoted by the color yellow for explanation purpose. All communication and energies flow through the air as a medium. Wind cannot be contained or stored and acts as a carrier. It’s an invisible force which is always at work.
Even though the odds are against it but you can still have a portion of wind in your pocket. Check this out to know and see for yourself how the wind can become an ubiquitous partner for you.


red, fire, flame, red, elements of nature, lakme fashion week, mumbai, india, fashion, designers, photographers, models
Fire is an element which has the power to create as well as destroy. It all depends on how fire is put to use. Fire/flame symbolizes energy, youth, recognition and fame.
Fire has been denoted by the color red.
All of us yearn and crave for fame and acceptance among the people and the society. Here’s a guaranteed way to do achieve just that, check it out.
Are there any alternate meanings of the elements of nature? Do you know of something more, which has not been covered in this post? Please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.



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