From proving to hence proved

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No amount of experimentation can ever prove me right, a single experiment can prove me wrong.
A lingering thought in the mind of Albert Einstein shows us his innermost vulnerabilities. Even a person of his caliber had to face the test of time.
A recent conversation with a female college batch mate triggered the thought for this blog post. The conversation turned from the mundane to the serious within a few keystrokes. It was during the discussion that I realized a few things. Not only are we here for a purpose but we also have to prove ourselves worthy for that purpose. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. How do I land up on philosophical thoughts out of a routine conversation? All I can say is that we must realize that there is magic hidden even in the routine dialogues.
I’m sure you must have heard about the Theory of Evolution proposed by Charles Darwin which states “the preservation of favored races in the struggle of life” or simply put, “Survival of the fittest”. Each and every species present on Earth has to prove itself to be able to survive in this world. Not only species, even non living objects are present for the same reasons and hence have to prove their existence. Take a tree for example; it exists in this world to supplement the lives of other creatures inhabiting this planet. Obviously, humans are no exceptions to this rule. All of us have to prove our human lives in one form or the other. This is the reason why we have economic, literacy and social imbalances present in society today. Some people make the cut while others fail to do so and still many others are left hanging in the balance in between these two segments.
So, we know that proving ourselves is a part of this big game called “Life” but what do you about it? It is an integral part of our lives and the place we inhabit. Proving oneself can either be an internal exercise or an external one. By internal, it implies proving and answering to the self whereas external can mean proving oneself to others and society. Keeping this in mind, one cannot simply throw up their hands and surrender to fate, destiny or karma. This situation calls for a careful analysis of and it starts with – You.
Yes, quite often, some of life’s greatest mysteries are solved by delving deep into one’s mind and consciousness. In this regard, I will introduce you to a process which I have named as
The 3-Re process
As the name suggests, this process involves 3 steps to it.
Relax – Obviously, this is a no-brainer. Any process demands that one relaxes and becomes patient. Nothing can be achieved in a single night with all guns blazing. So, save up that all-important energy in your reserves, you will need it in the marathon coming ahead of you. However, it must be noted that relaxing does not translate to procrastination, laziness or indiscipline in maintaining one’s routine.
Realize – This is the step where most of us falter. The youth of today’s generation require a lot of support and help in this area. Most of us fail to realize that one single work which moves us our entire body and soul. Passion, objective, goal, dream or idea – call it what you may. The important part is to realize one’s true potential (that takes a lot of effort and time, btw). Don’t worry if you’re not able to find your ‘mojo’, keep process number 1 in mind and keep looking for that elusive potential.
Remarkable – Now, that you’ve found out your true calling, your true vocation, your true desire, it’s time to ‘better your best’. Finding ones potential is only half the battle, the next half involves getting good at your potential. The key here lies in becoming remarkably good and not just ‘good’ at your potential. True success awaits you if you strive to become ‘insanely’ good at your potential/talent.
Actions speak louder than words.”
Indeed, these words would seem hollow if they are not backed up by relentless action. The action part calls for a lot of discipline in one’s life, something which I often miss out in my day-to-day life. However, actions are the bonds which will tie together ‘the 3-Re process’ together. In other words, the best way to climb a mountain is by actually climbing it.
In summation, in order to achieve anything or prove oneself, one must have the right amount of ignition in one’s soul. I leave you with this thought:
Give a man a match and he’ll be warm for a minute but set him on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life.
What is your take on this topic? Do you have your own process to manage these obstacles? Share your thoughts and feedbacks here.

12 thoughts on “From proving to hence proved

  1. I agree. We must have a goal and work towards it. At the same time it's important to live in the moment and be vary of life's little joys and blessings. Also we must be ready to embrace change if it's inevitable. What we think is our passion may not be. In short a composed mind is what's required . That will work best with the three R s you have stated.

  2. Wonderful thought Jay! Big things starts from small initiatives….like in this case your little chat took you to a beautiful thought….and we should not forget that….as Walt Disney said "I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing – that it was all started by a mouse"
    Keep on writing!!

  3. Relax–>Realise , But at times it leads you towards confusion n illusions…. I know its a middle stage between relax an realize..but at times it just leaves u stuck up dere only…wid lot many confusion between ur passion, dreams, goal and ur need, necessity, survival…Most of the ppl r stuck up here only…

  4. Thanks a lot Jaish for sharing your thoughts and feedback. Indeed, change is very important in one's life.
    Yes, sometimes our mind plays tricks with us and takes us astray from our true calling.
    Hope you liked the 3Re method. 🙂
    Keep visiting 🙂

  5. Indeed, Gautam, nothing can be considered as too small. All things happen for a purpose. Thanks for sharing the lovely thought, makes quite a lot sense in this context.
    Keep visiting and thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  6. I agree, it does lead to illusions at time. That is where balance needs to be brought in. Almost everything in this world works the best when it is perfectly balanced out and that is where lies the challenge.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this thought here.
    Keep visiting and sharing 🙂

  7. Gud post jay. 1st of ol d conversation b/w us waz not bou proving ny1 it waz ua own thot. I hv neva told u 2 prove 2 me. but nicely written n keep writing keep posting
    [ power of V 🙂 🙂 🙂 ]

  8. Welcome to my blog 🙂
    Indeed, conversations can be about anything but they eventually link up to some totally different topic which might even have been mentioned during such conversations. That's the power of connection.
    Thanks for your lovely feedback, glad you liked it.
    Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts.
    Yo yo !!!!! 🙂

  9. As much as I like to believe that one need not to prove others or the society, the truth remains the same that sooner or later everyone needs to prove themselves. We are born for a purpose and it's not easy to find it and your 3-Re formula makes it tad easier. Nice article, made me ponder on a lot of things. Keep it up.

  10. As much as I like to believe that one need not to prove others or the society, the truth remains the same that sooner or later everyone needs to prove themselves. We are born for a purpose and it's not easy to find it and your 3-Re formula makes it tad easier. Nice article, made me ponder on a lot of things. Keep it up.

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