The Right To Vote For Growth In Gujarat In 2012

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Today is Phase 2 of the Gujarat Assembly elections being held for central, northern and western parts of Gujarat. The current Chief Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi is eyeing a third successive stint at the office. I’m done exercising my right to vote, here are some sights from the voting battleground.
Yes, it’s that time of the year when politicians wake up from their long slumber and take up the center stage. Looking at all the political rallies and promotional campaigns which have taken place, I cannot help but be reminded of one of my favorite songs by Bryan Adams called ‘Here I am‘. Checkout the YouTube video of this song and most importantly, the lyrics.

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20 thoughts on “The Right To Vote For Growth In Gujarat In 2012

  1. Unlike other who are dragged to say that Modi is not deserving, I wish he wins again. With all the mis-leadings media is trying to portray in the election scenario, I wish they just stop the crap. The development that he had done for Gujarat is the least to speak off, would voting for Congress help. They would ruin the state too like they have ruined the nation. One CM, who had done good in the name of "I don't wanna say :)" should be lived upon with. Whom did you voted for 😀 😉 Take care ! Nice pics

  2. Yes, you're quite right. Modi is all set for a hat-trick now. Maybe he might have something up his sleeve for India in the next general elections. 🙂
    You know whom I voted for 😉
    Thanks for your feedback. Do keep visiting 🙂

  3. lovely song and 1st photo for voting rite and the 2nd one of waving girl… nice clicks… 🙂 good post at correct time. 🙂

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