I’m calling you

significant other, sunset, couple
I don’t need nobody,
and I don’t fear nobody,
I don’t call nobody but you,
All I need in my life.
Beautiful lyrics penned and sung in the melodious voice of the Denmark based hip-hop group Outlandish for their song Calling You. Check out the soul stirring lyrics of this song.
This song actually acts as a reminder of the importance of the people who are closest to us and the ones who actually matter the most in our lives. The video, the lyrics and the plot, all combine to drive home one single point; how to value one’s better half. The importance of one’s better half is highlighted appropriately in this song. Sometimes in our lives, in fact usually, one’s better half tends to become the significant half in one’s life. Significant in the sense that they become the ones who actually effect a lot of improvements and changes upon you. With the marriage season in full swing in India, all those new to-be couples out there should pay heed to this song’s true deeper meaning in order to have a successful married life. All of them should be asking themselves ‘What’s in it for you and me?
Alfred Hitchcock sums up nicely in the following quote, what I intend to say in this post:
“In a good marriage, each is the other’s better half”

24 thoughts on “I’m calling you

  1. Good to find your post :). Its very Saccharine and cute write up. Nice song, good lyrics and obviously good post" yes value your better half either side …for entirely wholly joyous, supportive and merry married life Keep sharing 🙂

  2. Thank you very much Naddy.
    Yes, for me also, this song is very close and have been listening to it since the past 5 years.
    Glad you liked the post. Do keep visiting Naddy 🙂

  3. Beautiful lyrics carrying a beautiful message. Your post gives a wonderful insight into the secret of long lasting relationships, to all those out there all geared up to say – 'I do' 🙂

  4. Yes, very true, Arti.
    The marriage season brings along with it a host of new promises and vows.
    Thanks for visiting and giving your feedback. Do keep visiting 🙂

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