How To Relax-4 Best Ways To Handle Stress In 2013

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In a technology-driven, fast-paced modern world, how many of us have been able to make ourselves immune from the disastrous effects of stress? Not too many, I guess. Even those who disagree to this, there must be at-least one incidence in 2012 where the situation got the better of you and the end result was; stress.  Whether it is your boss, family, pets, children, relatives, business or your loved one, stress comes in various shapes, sizes and quantities too.
The question that arises is how do you deal with this stress? How do you handle it and most importantly, how do you relax? Here are four things you can do in 2013 to beat stress and have a good time:
  • Take a trip to the nearest Theme Park

    Visiting a Theme Park is the best way to have fun and beat the blues away. A theme park actually distracts your mind and takes it away from the stressful thought and releases mood enhancing chemicals into the system. One of the best examples is the Universal Studios in California, USA. Check out the pics.

Check out more pictures of Universal Studios which deceive the eye.

  • Take up an Interest

    By interest, I do not mean just a hobby or fun activity. The interest is a hobby but with a higher degree of dedication attached to it. An interest should enable you to pursue it even after returning from work or on weekends. An activity in which you have gained sufficient knowledge, proficiency and love for it, that’s what you’re looking for. Take out some time to contemplate on what interests you and once you find start doing it religiously. It will make a lot of difference to your current stress levels as well as your stress-handling capabilities.

  • Listen to Music

    Music has been known to pacify giants, animals and other creatures, since the advent of time. Pick up music which is soothing to the ears and which has certain positive vibrations. For starters, you could try the classic collections of Mozart, Beethoven & Tchaikovsky.

  • Take a Nap

    A nap always refreshes and rejuvenates the mind. Sleep offers a different perspective to your problems which have been giving you stress in the day time. This is due to the fact that even in sleep, our minds are at work. So, by the time you wake up, you realize that the mind has actually figured a solution to handle stress, on its own. However, you have to be careful not to oversleep. Check out how much sleep is too much.


20 thoughts on “How To Relax-4 Best Ways To Handle Stress In 2013

  1. that's really a very informative post!! will try some of these. wanted to read your post on 'how much sleep is too much sleep' but guess, it's too late now. need to get some sleep.

  2. Thank you very much Debajyoti, I'm guessing you already do some of these activities. 🙂
    HAHAHA…quite possible, sleep gets the better of us usually. Check it in a more awake state :p :p
    Glad you liked it. 🙂

  3. Hi,

    Nice post dear, specialy listning music and going out and have fun…I am stressed i use to think of my happy moments ,my childhood days..I often go out riding my bike to some far place thats way of peace and losing stress.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From youthofest

  4. Welcome to my blog and thank you for the feedback. Well, I've said that it is one of the best examples, in fact, the best is what I would use. None of the Indian theme parks comes even closer. Most of the Indians nowadays are going to US, either for work or leisure and maximum density is in New Jersey and California. Hence, the use.
    Thanks for dropping by. Keep visiting 🙂

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