Waking up, now that September has ended

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ending of september
Summer has come and passed,
the innocent can never last,
wake me up when September ends.
Ring out the bells again,
like we did when spring began,
wake me up when September ends.
Who can forget this famous refrain from American rock band Greenday‘s hugely popular song, ‘wake me up when September ends‘. The month of September was immortalized in this song
All of us know how the searing heat of the Summer season can really affect the energy levels of everyone around. Nobody wishes to venture out of the comfort of their air-conditioned rooms or vehicles. The streets wear a deserted look in the afternoons. People generally try to finish off their work either before afternoon or after evening sets in. Working in the summer heat can be really exhausting and take a toll on your reserves of energy. There’s almost no celebration happening around and every second person is lamenting the scorching heat and the burning temperatures. The only respite comes in the form of the monsoons but then again not much work can be completed in all that downpour.
However, all of this is restricted to the months up till September, after this month everything changes. September is followed by October which brings with it a completely different outlook towards life. It is in the month of October that the temperatures start dropping and the seasonal shift occurs. The harmony between hot and cold climates is balanced and restored. Even if we look at the zodiac signs, this is the month of Libra which is denoted by the scales, another symbol for harmony and balance.
For the people from the corporate sector, the Half yearly closing for the companies has just finished and a smile can finally be seen across the faces of all the employees. In terms of corporate holidays too, this month has plenty of options available.
More than the above reasons, the months after September holds significance in terms of the festivals associated with these months. Especially in the month of October, we have the Navratri, Durga Puja and Vijayadashami (Dussehra) festivals. All these festivals add color, celebration and merry-making to this month. All of these festivals are a celebration of victory of good over evil, good times over bad times and positive over negative. There is music, dance, lights, firecrackers, purchase of new clothes, auspicious time to start off new ventures and a lot of joy is visible on everyone’s faces.
Varied hues of navaratri, durga puja and dussehra in India
festivals in India
With the laid-back season of complacency and laziness, summer, now finally coming to an end, the time has come to gather the energies from various corners of your body and mind. The road ahead is long and the goals to be achieved many, let the ushering in of this season renew your vigor and confidence.
The time has come to emerge victorious in your endeavors and battles and the only thing to do now is –
Waking up, now that September has ended.
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19 thoughts on “Waking up, now that September has ended

  1. Yes…indeed very hallowed and venerable. … Our coming festival represents the primordial cosmic energy responsible for the processes of creation and What I liked, it distributes love and Essence of Life, Joy, Peace, Inspiration & Motivation (by life smiles). Ofcourse one of the reason for that happiness is Half Year End and than the beautiful Youthful Festivals.
    Thanks for Waking Me UP!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Yes, quite true Manjulika 🙂
    It seems our thoughts were on the same frequency 🙂
    You've done a lovely take on the topic.
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for dropping by.
    Keep visiting 😀

  3. I love the song… In fact, it often goes as my status update. I remember this once, when someone msged me to say – September has passed, its time to wake up. And thats when I realized, that some people take things literally.


  4. Yes, I know, Greenday really did put in a lot of effort for this song. It just hits the right chords and your mind can't help playing it in infinite loop.
    Well, music is language after all, so I guess there's nothing wrong in taking it up literally, right?
    Keep visiting Fizz 🙂

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