The Non-Human Heart

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animals have a soul, dogs have souls
The four-legged creature with a heart
Whoever said that humans were the only creatures which could feel, have feelings and emotions was probably quite egocentric. Look around you and you’ll notice the plethora of emotions in varied hues and intensity being displayed. Wrong to say they are animals, they’re just non-humans. So, go to a nearby non-human and try feeding it something or even simply offer it some water. It will be delighted in a way that you can’t fathom. 

10 thoughts on “The Non-Human Heart

  1. Thank you and welcome to my blog Magali 🙂
    True, people don't understand the true value of these creatures.

    Checked out your website, lovely work done there. The contest is exciting, have already taken part in it. All the best for the endeavor. 🙂

    Keep visiting Magali 😀

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