If I could change the world..

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change ahead
That’s the name of the song I was listening to two days back. Sung by the soulful, Eric Clapton, it captures the very essence of this post aptly.
How many times have you wondered that you could actually change the world? That you could do something for humanity which would give you an instant entry into the books of history? That you are able to give your name an unforgettable longevity which would live for centuries long after you are gone?
Did the thought make you feel like a loner or a laughing stock? Did it inspire you, excite you, move you? Did the thought of changing the world mobilize a source of energy previously unknown to you?
Well, the answers to all these questions lies in the very title itself, the word ‘If’. If only you had the time, if only you had the courage, if you only you had the resources, if you had the support: ‘If’.
That’s the impact this word of two letters has on our whole destiny and life. That’s the fallacy of human upbringing. We are taught since our childhood not to question too much, not allowed to explore ideas or express our creativity in the way we want to. In a way, we are taught to maintain the status quo. All this can lead to quite a limited life. It can result in the under-utilization of our talents, our skills and our strengths. All these are representative of a recipe for unhappiness and frustration.
The path towards bringing in change, is not an easy one. Only the daring & courageous ones can think of traversing such a path. Usually the ones who seek change are often seen as the outcasts, the misfits and the crazy ones. In a large group of people, such people have to stand out, sometimes alone, to prove their point: they have to literally dig in their heels and stand their ground. This is because humans generally avoid changes happening in their environment. In order to change anything in the outside, we have to first of all make the changes inside us and then start asking the questions. One has to internally align their thoughts and chemicals for the attainment of a bigger purpose.
All the adversity should not bother you if you seek to change the world. Society always has something to say and that should not deter you. In order to change the world, one needs to change their meaning of success. In this context, I would like to quote my friend from graduation days, who had the following to say during one of our recent conversations,
“Society should never be permitted to define the meaning of success.”
I would definitely agree to the point as the meanings of these definitions and thoughts should be internalized. We should define success, life and destiny ourselves. We should take a cue from the people who have lived before us and even the ones who are still alive and we should learn the art of changing things. Our history is filled with instances and stories of people who defied the given and set out on their own path to glory. All of them overcame the Inertia and Turbulence within them and truly earned the titles of Legends.
In the end, I would just like to leave you with the words of a Legend of modern times, Steve Jobs. A must watch clip for all people reading this post.

25 thoughts on “If I could change the world..

  1. its true…society shud nevr b permittd to set the norms fr success… it just makes u aim for d acheivabl..n doesnt let u thnk outsyd d box. A change is coming thou..
    and a v good read yet again 🙂

  2. Yes, correct…we should aspire to think out of the box, to create value in this world….So, what changes are you expecting? Any thoughts on that?
    Thank you for the feedback…:)

  3. changes… lets say, dat d inhabitants of d society,shud ley u free.. let u thnk dat der r careers odr dn bein doctors n engnnrs… ders more 2 do dn jst earnin money… i belv if evry persn ws let to do wht dy really want to, what dy thnk dy r really gud at…. d world wl ve mre legends, lyk in d past 🙂

  4. Very true…in order to have more of such intellectuals and legends, we need to liberate everybody from the ties that bind….provide for an environment which is conducive for innovation & creativity….:)

  5. Wonderful… We don't have the courage or we don't feel like to overcome the inertia that is stopping us to change the things around us leave apart the world… The spark that ignites the fire is missing… If this blog change even a single thing, consider that you have initiated ur part to change the world… keep writing… 🙂

  6. @Deepanshu….Very true, inertia is all around us. So, it becomes difficult to overcome the same. The ones who do and go ahead to create magic are remembered forever.
    To bring about change is my motive and even I'm hoping for the same…thanks for sharing your thoughts….Keep visiting 🙂

  7. Really the two letter word 'IF' has immense impact on our life and destiny..nice blog..landed here through and liked it very much..ur style of writing is unique..

  8. Yes, true. Good to hear that you could connect with the thoughts.
    Welcome to my blog page. Thank you for your feedback, it just inspires me to keep writing more of such stuff. Keep visiting 🙂

  9. Thank you very much and welcome to my blog Suchitra 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Yes, quite true and you have connected to the concept of 'if' correctly.
    Keep visiting 🙂

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