Hum mein hai Hero…..

hero, everyday hero
And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

So when you feel like hope is gone
Look inside you and be strong
And you’ll finally see the truth
That a hero lies in you

That’s what Mariah Carey had to say in her immortal song ‘Hero’, which used to be one of my favorite childhood songs.
Today, my mother was telling me how my father had taken risks and challenges early in his life to provide for a better life to our family. I was instantly reminded of this song. It was then that I sat back and pondered, that you don’t really need to have superpowers to become a hero. My dad, just like any other father, had waged many battles against life’s problems and won most of them also. All of us have heard of our Dad’s trysts with fate and rightly so, they are a Hero in our eyes.
In a similar fashion, all of us are also waging battles continuously, big or small, but a battle nonetheless. Each one of us has to fight our own personal wars day-in day-out. We win some, we lose some but they just keep materializing and we have no option but to fight them out. Sometimes the enemy is a physical entity; sometimes it is intangible. Sometimes it is present in our environment surrounding us; sometimes it is present inside us in our minds & soul. This is the time when you are brought face-to-face with your deepest fears, your weaknesses. You might not like the prospect and close your eyes but its not going to go away.
That’s when the Hero inside us starts to rise, depending on the level of motivation and Inertia inside us. So, it becomes highly imperative that we nurture that Hero inside us because sometimes in our lives, the only person who can save us is ourselves only.
Some of us lost their mother/father to a disease, natural calamity or an accident at an early age.
Some of us lived in a Foreign land, away from their families, just when they needed them the most.
Some of us broke up with their life partner within the first year of marriage.
Some of us had to sit jobless after studies; some were shown the pink-slip.
Some of us left plush, comfortable jobs in turn for something of their interest.
Some of us wanted to do something in early life but due to family & financial pressure, ended up doing something totally different.
Some of us strive very hard for an exam and fail miserably and then end up feeling totally useless.
Some of us are too scared to take that leap of faith which would throw open a completely new path, an explored door-way.
The important part in all the above instances is to keep moving forward, to walk on. A hero does not need to be super-human; all of us can become an Everyday Hero. Don’t let that fire die down, don’t let that Hero inside you fade away. Build up the courage to fight, celebrate your victories and look beyond the defeats. The Supreme Power has something special planned for each one of us.

31 thoughts on “Hum mein hai Hero…..

  1. Simply superb! More or less we are aware of what we actually expect from our life, But find it hard to roll out on the right track in right time. It's just that one moment which ping's u and awake u, There after u can feel a real difference in u, Actually then u can feel a HERO in you. Great !

  2. @Rahul…..true…..u got that right…..guess u must have been able to connect with the instances i mentioned here…..wish u luck in ur search for the Hero inside u…..
    Thanx for ur feedback……:)

  3. man! you are on a roll. Prolific writer indeed! You sum up my thoughts so well that I no more feel the need to penning it down myself 🙂
    Great job Jay! Very motivating! I've shared your blog with my friends at work. Hope you get tonnes of comments 🙂 Jai Ho!

  4. @DJ….thank u very much, glad u liked it & connected with the stuff….
    Hmm,sounds gud,let me try Inception to grab the
    It is something which everyone can actually can connect to 🙂
    Well, first dancing,then blogging, keep up the inlfow of inspiration 😀
    Keep visiting :D:D

  5. I am wondering when your mother was telling you how your father had taken risks and challenges early in his life to provide for a better life to your family, instead of getting motivated by it, you were thinking about Mariah Carey!!! So unforgiving!!!

    But,as always Jay at his best..Superbly wrote with lot of clarity with well chosen words.KEEP IT UP.waiting for the next blog!!!

  6. @Humayun…..thats what learning Busines Statistics does to u……u start doing alot of Co-relation analysis..:D
    atleast the tribute is there, Mr 26-years :p:p:p…..:)
    Thanks a lot dude, the blogs shall keep flowing 🙂

  7. @Bhoomika…..Yes, true..u have to overcome ur inertia and strive for better things in life….everybody is made for some purpose, find it in ur case….
    Hope this post leads u to the path of discovery…..:) Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  8. Hey Jay. Nice blog once again. Each hurdle in ur life can disrupt you for a while or longer but at the end you have to be a strong HEROin to fight. Win or face it.

  9. @Nirali… Yes, very true….there will definitely be many hurdles in life but we just have to clear them one way or the other..
    So which of the instances u were able to relate to???
    Thanx for ur feedback….keep visiting :):):)

  10. Very well written Jay…I could relate with both the 5th and the 8th orange line.. Sometimes, we do take the plunge and start walking on the path less trodden, but seldom do we realize that we maybe lonely there…and, that it's not always easy to trudge ur own path..And that's when our fears arise and those are actually, the moments that ultimately decide whether we're going to be a 'hero' or just another ordinary human being…
    Great post! I m looking to find that super-heroine within me too… 🙂

  11. Welcome to my blog Monita…yes, i do agree….taking a decision and then proving that decision right takes a lot of courage. Sometimes, like a Hero/Heroine, we have to walk alone on that path, as you rightly said.
    The orange lines are something which all of us have faced at some point or the other in our lives.
    Thank you for your feedback. Keep visiting 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Well, what can I say, I'm humbled by the feedback. Maybe ask the sites to give a sixth star :p
    All I can say is, Welcome home, to Sanitarium 🙂 🙂 🙂

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