Return to Sanitarium

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Well the name speaks for itself and i’m feeling guilty of having stayed away for so long from my blogs. It has been my friend, mentor, guide etc.although, my intentions were not such.
A lot has happened since the time I last wrote a blog. So, the time which was supposed to be dedicated to writing blogs was drowned out in other activities. There was also a time phase when i underwent writer’s block as well, but it was not meant to be.
A lot has changed. New job, new location, new people, new hobbies, new friends, new emotions, new lessons learnt. The past year has brought out varied colors in my life. Probably i will not be able to describe all these feelings in this single post, however, it can give an indication of the happenings in my life.
Here’s a dedication for you, my blog, coming straight from the depths of mind & heart. Until then, the journey of self-realization continues…….

Far too long have u stayed here, O draft!
Let go of all emotions & fear, O draft!
Time has come to set yourself free,
Time to say “Let me be me“.


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