Inertia ke side effects

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My conversations with my friends have become more deeper in meaning and thought provoking off lately. Our vision of the future has expanded significantly. We’ve started looking at the world through a different perspective altogether now. No more do we look at just the here and now, but also take the future goals and aspirations into consideration as well.
One such conversation which took place on a Saturday half working day was the catalyst for this post. As usual, I was in conversation with one of my roommates from XLRI days who lives in Bangalore now. As usual he was ruing about the job and his missed opportunities. Even after walking the face of the earth for 26 years, not being able to do something significant and true to your potential, one does tend to get frustrated.
That was the point when, all of a sudden out of the blue, I was reminded of Newton’s first law of motion. Being a science student, I must admit that I’ve started relating real life feelings and emotions to concepts of science. This was what i told him,
Any body/object will keep on doing what it is doing, until an external force is applied which changes its current state.”


This means that there is a natural tendency of objects to keep on doing what they’re doing. All objects resist changes in their state of motion. In the absence of an unbalanced force, an object in motion will maintain this state of motion.


I didn’t realize it then but in afterthought, I realized the true meaning of this statement. He was doing all his daily routine work and chores out of inertia. Why him, all of us tend to get into this inertia, even me. We become so engrossed in our day-to-day work, that we tend to forget our true potential, our true goal. Even though we might be in the field of our choice, inertia tends to take over us and make us do the same things over and over again, without challenging ourselves to do more.
I realized then, that inertia is not just a science textbook concept, its something more than that. Its actually how we live our lives, sort of a way of living. All of us face some form of inertia at regular intervals in our lifetime. Some spend more time in this state whereas some spend less. What is the differentiating factor here? The external force which the Law speaks of. Until and unless there is an external force applied, the body/object will resist any changes to its current state of rest/motion. Internal or external, whatever the case may be, but there has to be some force.
We need to break free from the routine, the inertia. We need to challenge ourselves because we are humans and we are capable of much more than what has been taught to us by our families, schools, colleges, employers, bosses, friends. We can do much more than that. We just need to liberate ourselves from the inertia that is eating into us. Inertia tends to bring in a laid-back attitude in us. At such rate, there would be no innovations, discoveries made, records broken, feats achieved.
Achievers usually have very less inertia in them because the force required to change that is very high inside them.This is one of the reason why I am more into films like The pursuit of happyness, October Sky, Gattaca, Dark Knight series, Rocky Balboa series. This is still just an indicative list but all of them have one thing in common- Inertia. All the main protagonists in these films had very less inertia in them because they refused to accept what was given or handed over to them. They just didn’t accept it. They challenged their fate, their destiny, their inertia and emerged winners in the end. They rose against all odds.

8 thoughts on “Inertia ke side effects

  1. Indeed a phenomenal work.Everyone one of us need a strong driving force "inertia" (or i wud relate it with self moivation)to achieve something in our life.We need to realize our potential n work upon it.Thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts:)and videos.Keep writing!!!

  2. @ Bhoomika…..thanks for your feedback…..Realize the part in your life where there is Inertia and apply some force to remove….Let motivation be that force for you…:)

  3. Truly emerging GREAT WRITE UP. Revealing lot of facts which are shell because of keeping selves busy in doing not necessary things and being occupied in not important thoughts. Certainly its required to recall your mind that "DO THE THINGS WHICH GIVES YOU PLEASURE INSIDE" and don't let external factors energetic and active Be Strong Inside not to face but to live actually. Keep Sharing Keep Writing:)

  4. @Deepali……True….thats the reason why this post has been written. If you are in need of a push, i suggest you visit Push-kar in India…….May the light be with you in your endeavors……:)

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