I’ll be there for you……

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Yup its the famous refrain from the hit sitcom ‘Friends’. As you must have already figured it out, I’m going to talk about friends and this strange bond called ‘friendship’. Today, in the evening i had a chat with one of my room mates from my days in XLRI. I must say that the marketing prof once confessed that he was supposed to be the brightest guys in the class. Well anyways, he was telling me about some differences which had come between him and another one of my room mates(who happens to be another good friend of mine)……AGAIN !!! This has  been an on-off thing for these fellows and they must have had quarrels umpteen number of times. However, it made me realize about my own journey all these years.
Since childhood, all i can remember is our luggage being packed up for yet another of our house shifting or, in some cases, inter-state transfers. Our family has always shifted from house to house, city to city. Learning new languages, meeting new people, thats been regular fare for me. Well, its not that i’m complaining but still what more can you expect from a child so small. In all these years of transfers, i made friendship with many people of different types. Now the scenario is such that half of my friends don’t remember me. Some faded away from my memory, some forgot me, some failed to recognize me, some said “aren’t you the one who…..”, some still remain loyal, some still keep contact in whatever method possible, some never lose an opportunity to pull my leg, i never lose an opportunity to pull the legs of some. Whatever be the reasons, conditions or circumstances, these are the people who have a share in shaping me what i am today.
All these people are different from each other, no one is similar(naturally). So according to my previous post, i cannot EXPECT them to act in a particular manner. Expectations are the root cause for all our emotional outbursts. I must also confess that i just love the spontaneity of my friends, it adds spice to your life and makes everything unpredictable. Here’s the best way to beat stress after a hectic day- pick up the phone and dial a number from your phone list (excluding the office numbers, of course..lols). I should give credit to the person (again, a new friend) from whose blog i got this idea. It looks very simple but believe me its best method around to act as a stress buster.  Try it out yourself and see the results. So you can say i that my cure for headaches is right there in my pockets —inside my cellphone :):):)
This blog acts as an ode to all of my friends out there. Thanks for being there for me and at-least remembering me. It has been a wonderful journey so far and hope that all of you will be there with me for the remainder of the journey. And to the new ones, all i can say is that let nothing come between friendship. To end this post, i would like to share with you a short video. Its from a tv series called ‘The Wonder Years‘ which i used to watch when i was very small.

8 thoughts on “I’ll be there for you……

  1. thanks to my dad's profession, I was shifted to a new city every year. But I took that as an opportunity to make new friends, strong bonds and maintain contact wid old ones. Resulting —> I dont hafta think twice before going to any city coz I know I'll have at least one friend there wanting to host me.
    Loved ur post.
    Keep writing.

  2. great writing m8….you had very well brought out two points that i would agree upon, friends are the essence of life, someone from the same age group who can actually understand you, since he can simulate (technical terms, we are engineers boy) you along with your surroundings, and can easily make out the thoughts flowing in your mind, could suggest the actions that could relieve your mind, and satisfy your soul. A friend can lend you an ear, when you wish to speak out and find no one around…and nothing relieves you mroe than sharing of thoughts…expectation do come in relationship, but i feel that its an inseperable part of relationship…we may try but perhaps can never take this out from any relation, child expect from parent, parent expect from child and this fact becomes ubiquitous among all relation….i know, i've written pretty lengthy comment, but i'm actually enjoying speaking about this thing…regarding the cellphone thing, plz purchase (and convince your friends too) an idea sim, because an idea can change your life…lols….

    it was a pleasure reading you post…keep sharing

  3. @deepali…welcome to my post…very true..ppl from ur background do lead such lives…but then it makes u even more strong…now u can proudly say that u can live in any place, under any circumstance. Its something which i have personally felt. Maintaining old friends- very imp point, otherwise there's no point of making friends for the heck of making them…thanks for ur feedback, keep returning…:)

  4. @Ingit…welcome dude…no problems…u can write as big a comment as u want…its always welcome…i see this is a topic which is quite close 2 ur heart…u have spoken well, that too in our technical language. About the SIM, u have to get me corporate SIM, then i'll b more than willing to shift to Idea….keep commenting…..

  5. Jai ho!!! Gud work!! I wud like to add that we have two types of relationships in our lives. One which is God given like our parents, siblings and another which we make like friends.We don't have to put a gr8 effort to maintain the former type of relationship as the two understand each other.For the later we need to work. As the world is dynamic and people who are with us now may be far away from us the next day, mobile technology is a great thing to maintain the relationship. Jay u r doing a great job by calling some old frnd whenever u get time.
    Deepali said about new places and new friends, so that u have one friend in each place, i like that.

    P.S. Yaar font ka kuch karo. Its very hard to read with that pic in the background.

  6. @Maj..Welcome to my post..arre i have been doing since the time i joined job….we do keep exchanging SMSs and keep calling each other at regular intervals…it has to be a mutual 2 way understanding….otherwise no point in 1 way communication is it???….keep posting & keep returning Maj….:):):)

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