Commitments and its after effects

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Vince Lombardi rightly said “Individual commitment to a group effort — that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” The PG course at XLRI has taught me a lot of things from the beginning. I have come to realize my potential both in academics as well as other fields. Its almost been like an eye-opener for me. Thats why I knew that from the day I took up the responsibility of Vice President of our Insurance club, its not going to be smooth sailing. We as a comunity remained mostly inactive throughout the session. However, some brainstorming sessions and loads of talk about our responsibilties later, we decided to get into action. The treasure hunt proved to be quite a success, with the defence batch actively participating. However, the main challenge lay ahead wherein we planned to organize a Teacher’s Day event to thank our professors. We faced a lot of criticism and disappovals. There came a time when the event almost stood cancelled. However, the timely intervention from the president and me ensured that there was no backing from this venture once we had notified everyone. It was a matter of pride and prestige. It was a commitment which once given had to be fulfilled. I learnt that sometimes youi just have to believe in yourself even though there’s a lot of opposition. You’ve got to stand by your words and take some really difficult decisions.
Its not only in this case, but also in case of relationships. There also you commit yourself to a cause, to reach to a successful status.  You try to do everything for one person because there also people expect something out of you. I have seen this happen in a lot of cases with my friends I think they would agree with this too. Commitment comes in various forms in our lives and it always tests us. When you commit, theres a lot at stake. Even in big, hefty corporate deals you have to stand by the commitment you give. Otherwise then you start to lose your credibility and eventually you lose your respect in everyone’s eyes. Its a lesson which has to be learnt and I believe every leader should pass through this crucible if he/she wants to make a mark for oneself.
I’m reminded of the words of Warren Buffet, although I think a modified version of it would be more applicable:
Rule No.1– Don’t back up on your commitments. Rule No.2- Don’t forget rule no.1 :):):)’

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  1. Yeah, right said…this place wouldnt have been so nice without you there. Some people just fail to fade from memory. Hope you don't forget these times we've had, keeping your short term memory loss in mind. :):)

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