Smile-the 2nd best thing 2 do with ur lips…

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I think the title must have got u guessing, ‘dude, what’s the first best thing?’ I won’t tell you the answer because you already know it 😉 Anyways, as to why I’m writing on this topic, well let’s just say it is something which i practice every single moment of my life. Speaking of which, yesterday night we had a jolly good time laughing our brains off over a funny incident which took place at dinner. One of our friends, slipped on some spilled water and fell. However, as the case has always been, whenever someone takes a fall people always have a good laugh at the cost of that unfortunate person. So, it can be said that you have to take everything in your stride with a smile on your face. A person should be able to smile and laugh at himself and his fate. People don’t realize it but a simple smile can change a lot of things. During interviews or meetings or presentations, just a smile can result in you sealing the deal. However, people are too preoccupied with their own egos and pride that they want to keep a cold demeanor forever. First things first, our egos are not going to get us anywhere. Its only going to make you more lonely and give birth to more enemies. Why can’t we just smile and let it go. That’s what my endeavor has always been and will always be, to try and spread happiness wherever i go. That’s also the reason why I’m always up to some mischief or the other and whenever someone is feeling down in the dumps, I create songs out of nowhere. I hate to think of the day when people have to log in to ‘How Stuff Works‘ to know how to smile !!!!! Just imagine how that sounds. After all laughter is the best medicine around and the you know the best part about it: it doesn’t taste so bitter……:):):)

Click here to SMILE right now !!!!!!!!


4 thoughts on “Smile-the 2nd best thing 2 do with ur lips…

  1. I must say dude your words are followed by your act. May be that s why I gave u the name as "param B,,,,,". U deserve this article and this name as well. Well jokes apart bringing smile on some one's face is really God gifted thing..Kudos to Mr. Jai 🙂

  2. Jai, really good article and of course good video 🙂 Ya!! Its really a good and difficult that you do to bring smile on someone's sad face.Mr. Jai, I slipped yesterday and instead of asking whether I am hurt or not you were laughing at me. You always make people laugh by your jokes. Good going… Keep it up!!!

  3. Thanks guys for your thoughts on this, i really appreciate it. As far as aditi you are concerned, it was a nice laughing experience, even you admit it. Although I think you didn't get hurt in the process. After all, pain is pleasure :):):) You should learn to enjoy every moment of your life, rather than just sulk away. It's all in your hands, how well you cope up with life.

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